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The foundation Animal Life Line for Anti Poaching™ (ALL4AP™) was established in Holland in 2006 and is run entirely by volunteers. The board consists of Chairman Martin Stiemer (also the founder of ALL4AP™), Treasurer Marcel Lunter and Secretary Ilma Hoff.

The main objective of the foundation ALL4AP™ mirrors that of the project ALL4AP™. However, the focus of its activities is the generation of funding for the ALL4AP™ project.

The profile of the ALL4AP™ project and foundation will be raised through fundraising activities and information dissemination.

Why this initiative?!

Animal Life Line for Anti-Poaching™ Foundation (ALL4AP™) was founded in 2006 by Martin Stiemer.

Over the last 9 years Martin had worked as a volunteer for several wildlife conservation projects in Southern Africa. During his time as a volunteer, Martin realised that illegal poaching was contributing to the rapid decline in wild animal populations, and that this was being compounded by the destruction of their habitat by illegal tree cutting.

Poaching methods, particularly the use of metal wire snares, are cruel, indiscriminate and wasteful and do not distinguish between plentiful species and those that are endangered or threatened or between old and pregnant animals.

In many countries, enforcement of legislation related to the protection of wild animals and their environment has a low priority and/or the capacity and resources to enforce legislation that exists is lacking.

As a response to these issues, Martin initiated and set up anti-poaching teams for a conservation project in Zimbabwe. These teams proved so effective that Martin set up ALL4AP™ to extend what has proved to be a successful formula to other interested conservation projects, landowners and communities.

ALL4AP's main objective is to reduce poaching and illegal tree cutting as much as possible and raise awareness among local communities that illegal and unconstrained poaching and cutting is unsustainable. ALL4AP™ believes it can achieve this goal through a combination of:

deployment of anti-poaching teams;
forging strong links with local communities and other stakeholders and cooperating closely with them and local law enforcement authorities; and
educating local communities about the unsustainable nature of many poaching and cutting practices

By employing local men from rural areas ALL4AP™ seeks to engage with and involve local communities and raise the project's profile within those communities and enhance their acceptance of ALL4AP™. These men look after extended families and are well respected.

ALL4AP™ recognises that local communities have the right to, and need for, protein in the form of meat. It therefore collaborates with local governments and communities to seek alternatives for those people who are dependant on poaching for protein and for income.

PARTNERSHIP WITH WEZ -Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe

Since June 2009 ALL4AP has formed a partnership with Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ).
We believe that our cooperation will be beneficial to both organizations. Our goals overlap and we expect we will be of mutual value.

What is WEZ?
WEZ is a membership based registered Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) in Zimbabwe, founded in 1927. Membership consists of individuals, families and corporations that care for the future of Zimbabwe’s environment, its wildlife and it people.
WEZ is member of
IUCN - International Union for Conservation of Nature.

WEZ goal:
To encourage and assist all people in Zimbabwe to understand the importance of Zimbabwe’s wildlife and the environment to the well being of current and future generations and to ensure that the utilization of the natural recourses is fair and sustainable.

Activities from WEZ:
Wildlife Management; in different protected areas and game parks
Environmental Education Centers throughout the country
Field Activities; snare sweeps, animal rescue, development of nature reserves and protection of endangered species and habitats
Networking; with local, regional and international organizations
Publication; of ‘Zimbabwe Wildlife’ magazine, newsletters and other publications

ALL4AP believes that with the available WEZ network (11 branches and a National Office) we can reach out much more efficiently and spread the (anti Poaching) message more effectively.
In the region where ALL4AP is operating the vibrant Matabeleland branch is run by active volunteers.
We look forward to our collaboration and we will write to you soon about our achievements.

Martin Stiemer, Chairman, ALL4AP, Netherlands / Project manager Zimbabwe

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Animal Life Line for Anti Poaching (ALL4AP™)

Chairman: Martin

Treasurer: Marcel

Secretary: Ilma

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Hello visitors, welcome to our site.
My name is Martin Stiemer and I am the chairman of the foundation ALL4AP in Holland. Since 1998 I am busy with activities to protect wildlife and nature.
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