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Sponsor SAVE visits our project

On the 2nd of June 2008, one of our sponsor organisations SAVE from Australia visited our project.

Martin and team held a special presentation to them to show them our achievements so far.

Although the people were tired from travelling, it did not stop them from joining us the next morning for a joint patrol!

It was a pleasure to have them and we hope to see them back next year!

Martin & team
Zimbabwe, July 11th 2008

Dear readers,

Never a dull moment in Zimbabwe…

The month of June had no 'outside' operation because of political situation in the country for presidential elections. With 'outside' we mean areas further away from around our basis (Hwange Safari Lodge). Saying this, the anti poaching activities were one of the few 'field' activities that were allowed to be continued, which was of course very welcome to us.
Not going somewhat further a field resulted in a decline of snares recovered during this month. A total of eighteen snares found by Animal Life Line for Anti Poaching as compared to the previous month of May, were a total of ninety eight snares were recovered.

In the first half year of our operation we have recovered 336 snares and arrested 16 suspects which is quite an achievement for a just formed team.
At the end of the year we will inform you in more detail about our findings.

On the 4th of June 2008 the ALL4AP and PDC (Painted Dog Conservation) patrolled 'Dett valley 2 farm' and recovered twelve set snares around a salt pan. An ambush was made and the teams managed to arrest one suspect. His accomplice fled from the scene and was arrested later by police from Mabale Police base.

The accused were accompanied by a domestic dog, used to assist them in their illegal hunt. In one of the snares that were set by the two accused the teams recovered a fresh carcass of an impala that was eaten by vultures.
Interesting detail here was that the second suspect our team leader threatened with his axe in his flight! Fortunately it remained a threat and no harm was done.

On the 17 of June 2008 Animal Life Line for Anti Poaching team conducted a patrol at Ivory Lodge and recovered eleven snares of which ten were set for big game and one was set for small game. Near to this place the team recovered an old Fabric National (FN) rifle!
This was immediately reported to the police and it was picked up and the scene investigated at the same day.
At the same spot the team came across a cheetah that had killed a female Kudu. It ran away when they discovered it. A nice and rare encounter in these thickets! Who says cheetahs live only on open plains?!

The usual monthly stakeholder meeting was held at Ivory Lodge on the 07 of June 2008 were a number of stakeholders convened to discuss means of fire management and poaching issues. Ivory Lodge is a Lodge situated in the Sikumi Forest about twenty kilometres from Dete Township and six km from our base Hwange Safari Lodge.

On ALL4AP's request the Regional Magistrate Mr J. Butcher was invited to attend this meeting. Main reason was the low fines that were given to the poacher from last month who killed a buffalo, a kudu and an impala.
The floor told Mr. Butcher to be very worried about this trend and that it would have a very negative influence if this would be continued.
Mr. Butcher asked for information about historical cases and would compare them with other cases in other nearby districts. ALL4AP promised to get him the needed information.
Again the question was raised why not the theft of Electrical and Telephone wire was on the charge (which have higher penalties), instead of just the 'Trapping of animal Act'.
Unfortunately the Police was not represented at this meeting to react on this question.

At the same time we were happy to see people with more 'weight' from different organizations. This was a request from all stakeholders, to be able to make decisions at the meeting itself.

Looking forward to meet you next month!

Martin & Team

Team and volunteers with snared kudu
Early morning Kalambeza 3Cº

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