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News & Updates
Team and volunteers with snared kudu
Early morning Kalambeza 3Cº

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Team after a successful clean up operation in ‘Chimwara’ Farm
Zimbabwe, Newsletter September 2009

Dear readers,
The temperature gauge is going up and with that also the poaching activities.
Even if I was in Holland this month to join my parents to celebrate their 50th wedding- anniversary; the team constantly kept on combing out the forests looking for the so much hated wire snares and their owners.

Holland was a busy time, in which I even had to go to Italy to see Flavia our webmaster for maintenance reason for our website and to prepare an annual calendar. We hope you will like the end result!
Back in Zimbabwe life goes on. Dutch friends of mine decided to get married in Zimbabwe and thereafter there was a well received party at the 19th at Ganda Lodge.
This month we started to take the ‘bush camping’ seriously. Bush camping has the advantage that places that we not regularly patrol, get our undivided attention. Mostly this results in a higher number of snares. Several farms were visited from strategically chosen sights, which makes our efforts most effective.

In order to get the maximum out of all our teammembers, I have hired an old man as the ‘camp guard’. He stays at the base camp during our patrol-activities which gives us an extra member in the field and him a bit of income.
This month we removed 163 snares in which 6 animals died. Under those bush bucks and impala’s. The number of snares was about the same compared to last year’s September.
Next month will again be a hot one and hopefully it will end in the first rains for this area.
See you next month,
Martin & team

Driving through the bush every now and then we come across uncoming traffic ? :)