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. Indian Newspaper
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reports about Martin's visit in October, 2006

. "The Times of India" online reports about anti-poaching in TATR (Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve) and Mr Dhanwatey collaboration with Martin...

Buffalo’s at Dete Vlei
Zimbabwe, Newsletter May 2010

Dear readers,
I am writing from Holland this time.
There are here some things that have to be done for the foundation and the team is, once a year, in title of ‘long leaf’. Obviously I combine this with my absence. The guys enjoy a four week period off and will be on duty again on the 5th of June.
In the previous report I wrote about the combined patrol with Forestry Commission. We did an approximately 5 day patrol at the edge of the forest. Aim was the apprehension of a notorious poacher. Unfortunately this did not happen. The poacher escaped from an arrest just before our patrol and was therefore sought by the Police. Despite the fact that we knew he was around his home stead, the perpetrator was left for now. We hope that he will be arrested in the near future.
During this patrol some wire snares were removed. Less than expected so we were right with our suspicion that it was indeed this poacher that was now keeping a low profile.
Good news: The elephant cow that was badly maimed (a wire snare around her right hind leg) was darted by colleagues and relieved from the nasty snare.
To make sure we can treat these animals ourselves in the future, I bought the necessary needles, syringes and other materials now we are in the possession of the permit to do such activities.
Currently I am waiting for the renewal of my Temporary Employment Permit which expired last month, so fingers crossed! The team however will start in June even with me not being there. They are equipped with all necessities to proceed.
Until next month !
Best regards, Martin & team